Saturday, February 3, 2018

Bicycle Casino, Sunday 01.28.2018

Session notes: Good active table that allowed me to climb out of a hole and book a small profit.

Session stats: 2/3NL, $600 buy in

Start time: 6:56PM           End time: 10:21PM

Profit/(loss): $126

Interesting hands:

Hand 1:AsQs BB

SituationManiac at the table. Very active. Standard PFR is $20. Effective stacks $300.

Villain opens to $20. Two callers. Hero calls with AsQs. Preflop pot ($82 less drop = $76)

Flop Qh7h3d. Hero checks. Villain bets $45. One field caller. Hero calls. Pot $211.

Turn 5c. Hero now leads for $110. Villain jams for $243 total. Field better folds. Hero eventually tank folds.

Analysis: After I make a big, aggressive bet (including a change in action) and villain jams, this feels a lot like an overpair. I thought through this hand, and could only think about a couple hands that would be bluffing (AhKh makes most sense) and there are way more overpairs in his range. I decide folding is best in this spot.

Hand 2: TT SB

Situation: Same maniac at the table. Very active. Standard PFR is $20. Effective stacks $280.

Mainac opens in MP1 for $15 with a $600 stack. Four calls in front. We're in SB with TT opt to just call. Go to a flop 6 ways - preflop pot $90 less drop = $84.

Flop is Td4d8s. Checks to maniac who bets $45.  HJ calls. CO now raises to $125. Hero now jams for $234 total. CO tank calls.  Pot $642.

CO has a slow played KK.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Bike, Saturday 01.27.2018

Session notes: Short session. Emotionally feeling a bit down in the dumps.

Interesting thing is that this table played really tight agressive. Typical preflop raise was 10-15X, which, coupled with the short stacks, made a lot of marginal hands impossible to play. 

Also, I spent some time over the past couple of weeks reviewing my bet sizing in drawy spots where I'm probably getting called. I am trying to make adjustments to be more aggressive in those spots. Seems to work, at least for this session.

Session stats: 2/3NL, $300 buy in

Start time: 9:37PM           End time: 11:50PM

Profit/(loss): $286

Interesting hands: A couple of hands from this session

Hand 1: KK CO

Situation: I have position on the two deep stacks. I start the hand with about $230, as I have been playing for an hour at this point with nothing to show for it. I also have history against villain, as he blew me off an overpair (QQ) using almost the same move a few months ago.

MP1 raises to $15. MP2 3 bets to $45. Hero 4 bets to $110 with KcKh. MP2 calls. Preflop pot $230 less drop = $223.

Flop 8s6s4c. MP2 instajams. I call it off. Pot $549.


River 6x. MP2 shows JJ.

Hand 2: AhJh UTG

Situation: Same villain as above. He may be tilting a little......

Hero raises to $16 with AhJh from UTG. Folds around to SB who calls. Villain in BB calls. Preflop pot $48 less drop = $43.

Flop Js9s5h. Checks to me. I bet $45. Villain calls. Pot $133.

Turn 4s. Villain check. I announce $70. Villain mucks.

Bike, Tuesday 01.23.2018

Session notes: Tough session where no draws completed. Made one call that turned out to be less than ideal that accounts for 1/3 of this session's loss.

Session stats: 2/3NL, $650 buy in

Start time: 4:47PM            End time: 10:38PM

Profit/(loss): ($375)

Pala, Sunday 01.21.2018

Session notes: Ran into a couple of bad beats that created most of this loss. Finding it difficult to win back once I'm down at Pala. 

Session stats

Session 1: 1/3NL, $300 buy in

Start time:  2:26PM       End time: 4:07PM

Profit/(loss): ($41)

Session 2: 1/3NL, $500 buy in

Start time: 5:12PM         End time: 11:56PM

Profit/(loss): ($157)

Total profit/(loss): ($198)

Bike, Monday 01.22.2018

Session notes: Rare Monday session. 

Session stats: 2/3NL, $400 buy in

Start time: 8:23PM         End  time: 1:37AM

Profit/(loss): $176

Interesting Hands:

Hand 1: QQ SB

Situation: Table of regs. All were playing pretty tight. 

3 limps to me. I squeeze QQ to $25 in SB. Only BB calls. Preflop pot $59 less drop = $52

Flop As3d4d. Checks around.

Analysis: Once BB checks this, I should be able to squeeze another street of value.

Turn 7c. I bet $35. BB calls. Pot $122.

River 4c. Checks around and I'm good.

Analysis: Don't think I'm getting called by worse. I opt to check and get to showdown.

Hand 2: AhJh UTG

Situation: Same table dynamic in this hand, although a few hours later in the evening. Villain covers.

Hero raises AhJh to $15 from UTG. SB calls. Preflop pot $29

Flop 9h6d4c. Villain checks. I bet $20. Villain calls. Pot $69.

Turn 7h. SB checks. I bet $50. SB calls. Pot $169.

Analysis: All Ihave here is a naked FD. I decide I'm going to double barrel and put pressure on the OOP player. Once called, I'm pretty much done unless I get lucky on the river.

River Th. SB now leads for $100. I move all in for $215 total. SB calls. Pot $599. I'm good.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Bike, Saturday 01.20.2018

Session notes: Part of a table share on a bad beat JP. Otherwise an uneventful card dead session. Picked up a few small pots here and there.

Session stats: 2/3NL, $500 buy in

Start time: 10:24PM           End time: 1:49AM

Profit/(loss): $1,471

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Bike, Friday 01.19.2018

Session notes: Short session where I was really card dead with the exception of two hands. 

Session stats: 2/3NL, $400 buy in

Start time: 11:01PM        End time: 2:00AM

Profit/(loss): ($54)

Interesting hands:

Hand 1: 22 BTN

Situation: Need to figure out how to maximize in spots like this. Friday night, 2/3NL, $300 cap. Two villains in hand. One we will ignore because he starts with $20 (that's not a typo). Hero has around $270. Villain covers.

Villain opens in EP to $15 (standard open). Second player calls. I call with 22 on BTN. Preflop pot $45 less drop = $39.

Flop 8c3s2d. 

Villain cbets (has high cbet frequency) for $15. I call. Villain in between calls with his remaining $6. Main pot $47. Side pot $18. 

Analysis: Not sure I can raise on this dry board. This bet is such where there is *not* an overpair involved. Most likely villain's range is two overs or a SC.

Turn 2 (I make quads) and beings a back door club draw. Villain bets $40. I call. Side pot $98.

Analysis: Once again, not sure I can raise here. Plan will be to try to make my hand look like a bluff, but shorty in between makes this a problem. 

River 6d. Villain checks. I bet $150. Villain folds.

Hand 2: KK HJ

Situation: Villain is on my direct left and is not afraid to get into big pots.

Hero raises to $16 with two red Kings in HJ. Villain reraises to $45. I tank and reraise to $100. Villain calls. Preflop pot $200 less drop = $194.

Analysis: So at this point, my only move on the flop is all in. If villain has AA, so be it.

Flop: 974r. I jam. Villain tank folds.