Sunday, July 23, 2017

Bicycle Casino, Saturday 07.22.2017

Sesison notes: Dream table, card dead. Every preflop pot was $100 plus. I just had nothing to play.

Session stats: 2/3NL, $300 buy in

Start time: 10:02PM          End time: 1:20AM

Profit/(loss): ($40)

No interesting hands this session.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Pala, Saturday 07.15.2017

Session notes: Another down session. One big pot that I didn't win. Lots of spots where I just am not hitting the board enough to continue.

With these games, I'm wodering if I need to be raising more to iso (Red Chip approach)? Or else, I need to narrow my opening ranges and play big pots. Or maybe a combination of both.

Session stats: 1/3NL, $600 buy in

Start time: 8:04PM      End time: 2:00AM

Profit/(loss): ($325)

Interesting hand: One from this session.

Hand 1: 55 BB

Situation: Table has been pretty quiet until this hand.

Field better raises to $7. 5 callers. I overcall with 55 in the BB. Preflop pot $49 less drop = $45

Flop JhTc5h. I lead for $30. MP1, MP2, BTN call. Pot $135.

Analysis: All kinds of draws on this board. I'm going to start building the pot and getting value from those hands.

Turn 8c. I lead for $50. MP1 calls. MP2 folds. BTN moves all in for $115. I move all in for $200. MP1 moves all in for less than $200. Main pot is $480. Side pot is about $35.

Analysis: It's $115 to win $365 main pot plus $35 side pot. I need $402, so it's a call. 

River 3c. BTN shows Qc9c.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bicycle Casino, Friday 07.14.2017

Session notes: Booked a small win. Had a lot of great preflop starting hands, but had to rely on a big suckout to get back to even.

Session stats: 2/3NL, $600 buy in

Start time: 10:23PM          End time: 1:37AM

Profit/(loss): $22

Interesting hands:

Hand 1: KhKd HJ

Situation: Early in the session. No reads on the table yet. Both villains in the hand cover me.

MP1 raises to $12. MP2 calls. I reraise to $40. Both call. Preflop pot $125 less drop = $119.

Flop 8c 7c3c. MP1 leads for $100. MP2 moves all in for $300+. I tank fold. MP1 calls.

Turn 6d.

River 3s. MP1 shows QcTc. MP2 shows 88.

Analysis: I feel that this is a pretty trivial fold. I'm the preflop 3 better and no one appears to be afraid of me on this monotone flop. But the question is what do we do it we range MP1 on a made flush and MP2 on a set *and* we have AA with the Ac:

PokerCruncher-Advanced-Android V.10.1.1

(Equity,  Win,  Tie)
Player 1:  25.4%  25.4%  0.02%  [AcAh]
Player 2:  31.0%  31.0%  0.02%  {AA, KcKs, KcKh, KdKc, KcTc+, QcTc+, Jc9c+, Tc9c}
Player 3:  43.6%  43.6%  0%  {88-77, 33}

Board:  [8c 7c 3c ? ?]
Deal To:  River
Dead Cards:  {}

Monte Carlo Simulation: 72000 trials


So we need 3:1 to call. If MP1 is calling, then we *have to* call off.

Hand 2: QQ UTG

Situation: 2/3, $300 cap. MP1 is a fish who has literally just sat down at the table with $100 stack. MP2 is someone who has been playing snug. He has $450 to start the hand. I had a poor image at this point, having had to fold KK in a hand about 10 minutes earlier, but MP1 was not at the table when that happened.

I'm UTG with QQ. I raise to $11. MP1 3-bets to $20 ($1 over a min raise). MP2, HJ, CO all call. Folds back to me. My goal now is to get MP1's stack in. I 4 bet to $100. MP1 happily calls. But so does MP2!

Flop Ad6d8h. I end up checking it down with MP2. MP1 shows AKo to take the pot.

Analysis: After discussing this hand, another line I should have thought about was betting small on the flop to see if I could induce MP2 to continue to call.

Hand 3: KcQc MP2

Situation: Villain is average player in SB on a short stack.

I raise to $12 with KcQc in MP2. CO, BTN, SB all call. Preflop pot $51 less drop = $45.

Flop J99. Checks to me. I bet $15. BTN folds. SB calls. CO folds. Pot $75.

Analysis: This is one of those hands where a small bet should get the job done. Once called, I decide to fire one more bullet to get draws to fold out.

Turn 6d. SB checks, I bet $35. Villain moves all in for $75. I fold. Villain shows a 9.

Hand 4: AA BTN

Situation: Same villain as Hand 3. He has chipped up and covers me. Hero has a poor image and has just topped off to a full stack. Villain is MP1 and covers.

UTG raises to $10. Villain and 2 other players call. I 3 bet to $50 with AcAs on BTN. UTG folds. Villain tanks for quite some time (maybe two minutes) and eventually calls. Others fold.

Flop Js7s4c. Villain checks. I bet $75. Villain moves all in. I call it off.

Analysis: Pretty shitty flop and CR for me. I decide that I'm ready to head home and call it off.

Turn Ad. River bricks.

I win a $630 pot.

Pala, Saturday, 07.08.2017

Session notes: Sideways session. Couldn't get anything going. Booked a small loss.

Session stats: 1/3NL, $500 buy in

Start time: 8:05PM          End time: 2:18AM

Profit/(loss): ($94)

No interesting hands from this session.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Bicycle Casino, Friday 07.07.2017

Session notes: Short Friday night session. Made one mistake - really points out what happens if we're not playing our A game. On the positive side, ended up with a $1530 jackpot table share.

Session stats: 2/3NL, $300 buy in

Start time: 9:08PM         End time: 1:02AM

Profit/(loss): $39

Interesting hand:

Game is 2/3 NL, $300 cap at the Bicycle Casino. Villain is an unknown older Asian gentleman in MP2. Effective stacks are $300 (me). Villain covers.This is about my third or fourth hand of the evening.

Villain raises to $10, I reraise AsAc from CO to $25. Villain calls. (I opt for the small 3 bet to keep the villain's entire range in play). Preflop pot $55 less drop = $48.

Flop A98r. Villain checks. I bet $25. Villain calls. Pot is $98. (Once again, I don't want villain going anywhere.)

Turn Td. Villain checks. To be consistent with my story, I decide to check back. 

River is 4s. Villain now leads into me for $50. I only call, thinking that the turn brings in two straights (QJ and 76).

Oy. I really beat myself up afterwards. Maybe 76. But how can the nut straight *ever* be here given the action? If I make a big raise here, I might even get a fold from the idiot end straight. 

Villain shows TT.

Lessons learned - 1. Bigger three bet preflop (right Jon?) would have narrowed villain's range; 2. Take the brain out of cruise control and start thinking ranges!!!!!

Bicycle Casino, Monday 07.03.2017

Session notes: Short Monday night session pre-Holiday. Game played pretty quiet. Big difference from weekends. 

Session stats: 2/3NL, $400 buy in

Start time: 8:31PM         End time: 11:45PM

Profit/(loss): ($149)

Interesting hand:

Hand 1: KsTs SB

Situation: Game is 2/3 $300 cap at the Bicycle Casino. Villain is UTG+1 with about $200. VPIP is easily 75%. Very active post flop. I cover.

Hand is limped. I have KsTs in SB and call. BB checks. Preflop pot is $21 less drop = $15 (yes, back to the $6 drop +$1 on the river if a river card is dealt).

Flop is Kd4s2s. Checks around (I know I probably should have bet here, but I decide to check the hand to see if I can stack a donk with a good turn).

Turn 4c. I lead now for $15. Only villain calls. Pot $45.

River 9h.  I lead for $25. Villain raises to $90 (!!!) I fold. 

Question - do we lead here and fold if raised or do we check to try to induce? If I bet and am raised on this runout, there's not much I beat other than a missed spade draw, and because I hold two of them, that is less likely. But if I check, I feel like an idiot when I table top pair for one street of value.

Pala, Sunday 07.02.2017

Session notes: I took the prior weekend off to recover from the sessions that I've been having. Had a good session and made some good decisions.

Session stats: 1/3NL, $300 buy in

Start time: 2:50PM          End time: 7:32PM

Profit/(loss): $403

Interesting hands

Hand 1: AA UTG

Situation: Villain is older Asian gentleman who had bought in full stack He has not been out of line yet, but has chipped up a little by playing agressively. I have $300 to start the hand and he covers in MP1.

I raise AsAc UTG to $12. MP1 and MP2 call. Preflop pot $40 less drop = $35.

Analysis: I decide to raise small because if I'm 3 bet, I can always re-raise. Goal is to play this hand post flop.

Flop Th4s7h. I lead for $20. Both call. Pot $95.

Analysis: Betting for value all day long here. If raised, I'm likely to get it in against the draws.

Turn Ah. I check. Villain bets $45. MP2 folds. I call. Pot $185.

River Ts. I instashove for $223. Villain calls. Villai has KhTh. I'm good for a $631 pot.

Hand 2: AA CO

Situation: Same table a couple of hours later. BTN straddle is on.

Four calls to me in CO, I raise AcAd to $35. BTN calls. Everyone else folds. Preflop pot is $94 less drop = $89.

F 8c7d5c. I lead for $50. BTN moves all in for $195 total. I call. BTN has TT.

Analysis: I took some time to think through this. Since I had made a somewhat aggressive preflop raise (for this game), I narrowed his range down to a pair. Only question was whether it as a pair of 8s or 7s. If so, then so be it.