Monday, June 19, 2017

Bicycle Casino, Thursday 05.25.2017

Session notes: This session starts a big downswing. I'm documenting almost one month afterwards

Session stats: 2/3NL, $600 buy in

Start time: 9:11 PM            End time: 1:17 AM

Profit/(loss): ($419)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bicycle Casino, Friday 05.19.2017

Session notes: Another really short session. Beginning to think that it's not worth the drive to play these little sessions.

Session stats: 2/3NL, $400 buy in

Start time: 10:29PM       End time: 1:42AM

Profit/(loss): ($135)

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Bicycle Casino, Saturday 05.13.2017

Session notes: Action table. I end up getting extremely lucky on one hand toward the back end of the session.

Session stats: 2/3NL, $300 buy in

Start time:  9:08PM          End time: 12:42AM

Profit/(loss): $329

Interesting hands

Hand 1: QQ UTG

Situation: Villain is BTN and had just rebought after getting it in good on the turn and getting sucked out on the river in the previous hand. Could be tilting. Effective stacks $300.

Hero raises to $15 with QQ UTG. Two callers. Villain 3 bets to $100. Blinds fold. I decide to shove. Field callers fold and villain calls.

Analysis: I'm pretty sure I'm ahead at this point - a flip at worst. Villain has shown aggressive action, so I'm willing to get it in here for 100BBs.

PokerCruncher-Advanced-Android V.10.1.1

(Equity,  Win,  Tie)
Player 1:  51.6%  50.2%  2.77%  [QhQd]
Player 2:  48.4%  47.0%  2.77%  {JJ+, AQs+, AQo+}

Board:  [? ? ? ? ?]
Deal To:  River
Dead Cards:  {}

Monte Carlo Simulation: 100000 trials


Board runs out J4AT9 and I'm good. Villain has KJo.

Hand 2: KK UTG

Situation: Analysis here to make sure I made a good call.

Hero raises to $16 with KK in CO. BTN, SB, BB, MP1 all call. Preflop pot $80 less drop = $76.

Flop K86r. Checks to me. I bet $40. BTN, SB call. Others fold. Pot $196

Analysis: Potential for some draws, so I decide to bet with top set.

Turn 9s. SB nows moves all in for $185. I call. BTN folds.

Analysis: I am almost certainly up against a straight. I need 3.5 to 1 to call here. Pot is $196 plus $185 = $381. So, I'm not getting correct pot odds. This should have been a fold!

Hand 3: AKo CO

Situation: This is against the same guy as in hand 2. He has just lost a big pot and may be tilting.

UTG raises to $15. 4 callers. I overcall with AKo in CO. BTN calls. Villain in SB now moves all in for $137. Folds around to HJ who tanks and folds. I call it off. BTN folds. Pot $439. 

Analysis: I range SB on 99+, AQ+ and is squeezing to pick up dead money. I didn't 3 bet preflop because I don't think the 3 bet is going to make it through. But when SB jams with less than 100BBs, this sure looks like a squeeze. Against that range I'm flipping:

PokerCruncher-Advanced-Android V.10.1.1

(Equity,  Win,  Tie)
Player 1:  48.4%  39.3%  18.3%  [AsKh]
Player 2:  51.6%  42.4%  18.3%  {99+, AQs+, AQo+}

Board:  [? ? ? ? ?]
Deal To:  River
Dead Cards:  {}

Monte Carlo Simulation: 100000 trials


But with the dead money ($90), I am priced in.

I get incredibly lucky because SB had KK. Board runs out 9QTKJ.

Bicycle Casino, Friday 05.12.2017

Session notes: Fun table. Biggest loss was a bit of a cooler. Could have defintely gotten away with deeper stacks.

Session stats: 2/3NL, $500 buy in

Start time: 9:47PM        End time: 1:23AM

Profit/(loss): ($197)

Interesting hand:

Hand 1: AdQd UTG

Situation: Bit of a cooler hand. I limp to be able to reraise and iso, just turns out that I run into a better hand. BB has come up from 1/3 and is a pretty bad player.

Hero limps UTG qith AdQd. BTN raises to $15. BB reraises all in to $36. I 4-bet to $80 to iso. BRN now moves all in for $142. I'm not going to fold for an additional $60, so I call it off.

BTN has AhKh and his hand holds. Total hit on this hand is $157.  

Bicycle Casino, Sunday 05.07.2017

Session notes: Quick breakeven session.

Session stats: 2/3NL, $400 buy in

Start time: 7:35PM        End time: 9:39PM

Profit/(loss): $5

Pala, Saturday 05.06.2017

Session notes: Up and down session. I helped get a 1/3 game started that wasnt very good outside of one spot. Should have just stayed in 1/2.

Session stats

Session 1: 1/2 NL, $300 buy in

Start time: 3:06PM         End time: 5:36PM

Profit/(loss): $118

Session 2: 1/3 NL, $400 buy in

Start time: 7:22PM      End time: 11:10PM

Profit/(loss): ($97)

Session 3: 1/2 NL, $200 buy in

Start time: 11:46PM     End time: 1:13AM

Profit/(loss): $61

Total profit/(loss): $82

Interesting hands: From Session 3:

Hand 1: 8h7h HJ

Situation: Villain is opening way too many hands, c-betting way too high a frequency and continuing on very aggressively. Villain isn't that good because he's doing this against short stacks and out of position. He just learned that if he is aggressive, people fold.

I open 8h7h to $10 from LP. He calls from BB and a UTG limper calls. Proflop pot $31 less dro p= $26. 

Flop is Tc8s4h. Villain leads into the field for $20. UTG calls. I over call. Pot $86

Analysis: I think against the maniac's range, I'm probably good here, so I'm going to call. Raising would fold out his bluffing range.

Turn is a 7h and brings in a BD heart draw. Villain leads into both of us for $35. We both call. Pot $191.

Analysis: Definitley now ahead of villain's range. We have someone in between us (Vlad) calling probably on a draw, so I don't want him folding out either.

I river a boat when another 7 shows up. Villain now leads into the two of us again for $50. Person in between calls. I call. Pot $341. Villain insta mucks, player in between shows J9 for a straight.

Analysis: I should be shoving here! I've got to stop being lazy and continue putting people on ranges!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Bicycle Casino, Friday 05.05.2017

Session notes: A really short session. Tables weren't that good and constant arguing slowed my table down to a crawl. Since I was so tired, I decided to leave and come home early.

Session stats: 2/3 NL, $300 buy in

Start time: 10:32PM            End time: 11:09PM

Profit/(loss): $63