Thursday, September 7, 2017

Pala, Friday 09.01.2017

Session notes: As good as the last session was, this session wasn't.

Session stats

Session 1: Quantum reloaded MTT; $145 buy in

Start time: 6:39PM            End time: 10:32PM

Profit/(loss): ($145)

Session 2: 1/3 NL, $600 buy in

Start time: 10:51PM          End time: 1:19PM

Profit/(loss): ($359)

Total loss: ($504)

Pala, Sunday 08.27.2017

Session notes: Good session at a good table.

Session stats: 1/3 NL, $300 buy in

Start time: 2:53PM            End time: 7:03PM

Profit/(loss): $456

Interesting hands:

Hand 1: KK BB BTN Straddled

Situation: KK out of position. Three bet and get called two ways. Main villain is Lena on BTN.

Hero raises to $23 with KK in BB. MP2 and BTN call. Preflop pot $72 less drop = $67.

Flop 644 with two hearts. I check. Villains check.

Analysis: I decide to check here to camoflauge the value of my hand and keep turn calling ranges wide.

Turn 8d. I lead for $35. Both villains call. Pot $172.

River 3s. I lead for $40. MP2 folds. Villain tank calls and mucks. Pot $252.

Hand 2: JJ MP2 BTN Straddled

Situation: Same table, same players. Sort of like same action as Hand 1

SB, BB, UTG+1, and MP1 call straddle. I reaise to $23 with JJ in MP2. Folds back to SB. SB, UTG1, MP1 all call. Preflop pot $104 less drop = $99.

Flop 9d8d6h. Checks to me. I bet $60. Everyone folds.

Hand 3: KK SB BTN Straddled

Situation: Same table, same players. SB in this hand is Jim (ex-River Card guy). He has about $250 to start the hand. I cover.

I raise to $16 with KK in SB first to act. Pick up 4 callers. BTN squeezes to $100. I move all in. Folds back around to BTN, who eventually folds.

Analysis: Maybe I should just call here and play post flop? Should be fairly easy to play as BTN's range would be pretty tight.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Bicycle Casino, Sunday 08.20.2017

Session notes: Took a big bad beat for this loss. See interesting hands.

Session stats: 2/3 NL, $800 buy in

Start time: 4:59PM     End time: 11:13PM

Profit/(loss): ($515)

  • I felt that I did a good job of walking away after the bad beat to settle down. The beat left me pretty angry at thee time.
Interesting hands

Hand 1: AcTc HJ
Situation: Up against an older player in BB. He has just rebought after being felted and has about $200 to start the hand. Felt that I did a good job of extracting some thin value on this hand.

Limps in front. I raise AcTc to $11. Pick up 3 callers. Preflop pot $44 less drop = $38.

Flop AdQh6c. BB leads for $20. Folds to me and I call.  Pot $78.

Turn 9c. BB now leads for $25. I call. Pot $128.

Analysis: He can't be strong here with this bet size. Plan is to raise small on the river and give him a price to call. 

River 5c. BB now checks. I bet $50. Villain tank calls and mucks when I show. Pot $228.

Hand 2: AA CO
Situation: Same table, different villains. Both have full stacks.  

MP1 raises to $20. I three bet to $60 in CO. BTN tank calls. MP1 calls pretty quickly. Preflop pot $185 less drop = $179.

Flop Kc5c5s. MP1 bets $80. I call. BTN folds. Pot $339 

Analysis: Very favorable flop. I call to try to keep BTNs entire range in. Unfortunately, BTN folds.

Turn 6d. MP1 moves all in for $146. I call.

Analysis: No way I'm folding. If she has a set, she has a set.

River 3h. 

MP1 turns over? Pocket 3s. 

Bicycle Casino, Friday 08.18.2017

Session notes: Break even session. Late start, and got really tired a couple hours in. These short sessions are killing my win rate.

Session stats: 2/3NL, $400 buy in

Start time: 11:14PM        End time: 2:14AM

Profit/(loss): $10

Interesting hand:

Hand 1: QQ CO
Situation: Game is 2/3NL, $300 cap. I have about $480. My image is good - show downs have so far been nutted type hands (assumes people are paying attention). Two villains in this hand. Villain #1 is short stack on my right in HJ, literally his first hand. He has bought in for $100 and is still waiting for his chips. Second villain in on my direct left on BTN. He has about $700. He has been playing scared post flop. Early on he folded a straight face up when a river brought in a front door FD and he got bet into for 1/2 pot (by me).

Villain #1 (short stack) raises to $10 in HJ. I look down to QhQc in CO and 3 bet to $35. Villain #2 (on my left) now goes into the tank. He is throwing his hands up in the air, shaking his head, staring me down to try to get a reaction from me. Eventually he calls. Short stack over calls. Preflop pot $110 less drop - $104.

Flop: JhTs9c. Villain #1 now bets $35. Villain #2 calls. Pot $209.

Analysis: I put villain #1 on some type of top pair hand. He never has the nuts or even two pair given this action.

I'm ready to get it in against short stack at this point. But villain #2 has me a little concerned. This potentially hits his tank calling range pretty hard. His calling range should be pretty heavily weighted to pairs that this flop hits pretty hard, and some suited Broadways. I have KQ blocked, so that's less probable. I don't think he's going to call here if he hasn't this board, but if he has hit it, he could have hit it pretty hard (9 combos of sets alone). So, if I raise here and get shoved on, I have a pretty tricky decision on my hand. I decide to call here.

Turn: Js Villain #1 put the rest of his money in ($30). I call. Villain #2 calls. Pot $308.

Analysis: Now I'm faced with the same issue. At the time, I'm thinking that against villain #2, I'm WA/WB, and now that villain #1 is all in, I can't think of too many things that villain #2 calls a raise with that I'm ahead of. 

River Tc. I check. Villain #2 also checks. Villain #1 has AJ for Jacks full, villain #2 shows 9d8d (!!!!!!).

Analysis: At this point, I can't think of doing anything except checking. Nothing left in villain's range that I beat unless he's on a SD (which I have a hard time putting into his range (98?)).

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Bicycle Casino, Saturday 08.12.2017

Session notes: Session started out with another three outer bad beat. I recoginized the tilt and took some time off before going back to the tables. Was able to book a small win for the session.

Session stats:

Session 1: 2/3NL, $300 buy in

Start time: 8:05PM          End time: 9:05PM

Profit/(loss): ($54)

Notes: Took another bad beat and left the table to cool off.

Session 2: 2/3NL, $300 buy in

Start time: 10:01PM        End time: 2:42AM

Profit/(loss): $183

Total profit/(loss): $129

Interesting hands: Here are some interesting hands from this session

Session 1:

Hand 1: QQ MP2
Situation: Early in the session. Table seems to be fairly passive. 

Hero has QQ in MP2 and raises to $20 over a couple of limps. HJ, BTN, UTG call. Preflop pot after drop is around $80.

Flop AsJs8c. Checks to me. I think a check here is standard as there are two behind me left to act. They both check as well.

Turn 5d. Checks around again.

River 3h. Checks around again and I'm good.

Analysis: I missed a turn bet here to charge draws. If anyone has anything, they'll call with their draws and made hands. Missed some value in this hand.

Hand 2: AA UTG
Situation: Up against a couple of bad players here. 

I raise to $15 w AA UTG. MP2, HJ call. BB moves all in for $90. I come over the top for $300. MP2 puts in the rest of his stack ($80). BB turns over TT, MP2 turns over Ad8d. I turn over AA. Dealer inappropriately says "Wow and BB berates him and tells him to deal.

Ten in the window.

Analysis: At this point I was pretty pissed off. Even though these players were pretty soft, I decided it was time for a walk and I packed up and grabbed food. Took an hour off to vent.

Session 2:

Hand 1: Jd8d 6 handed
Situation: Table is shorthanded. Two decent players at the table. One of them has commented on my tightness, so I'm going to take advantage of that image.

Hero raises to $12 with Jd8d UTG+1. Three callers. Preflop pot $48 less drop = $42.

Flop 9s6c3c. Checks around.

Analysis: I was trying to get this through preflop. Against 3 players, I'm not going to try to cbet bluff.

Turn Js. Two checks to me, I bet $25. One of the decent players calls. Others fold. Pot $92.

River Ac. Checks around and I'm good.

Analysis: Bad card. If I bet here, I'm only getting called by better.

Hand 2: AA in SB
Situation: I think I could have played this differently for more value. HJ seems to be fairly solid. His opening frequency varies with position, i.e., he's not playing his hand, he's playing position - open raising $18 to $24 to iso weaker players. He has about $600. CO is an OMC who will not fold to a flop and turn bet if he hits the flop (i.e., he's check calling with bottom pair or a draw). He has about $1000.

HJ raises to $17.  CO calls. BTN jams $72.

I look down to AA in the SB and 4 bet to $135. CO and HJ both tank fold. Pot $106.

Analysis: This gives HJ and CO a chance to fold! If I am on my "A" game, I probably just call here. HJ is folding all of his bluff iso raises, but would probably be calling all his real hands. Likewise with OMC. But with such a large bet, they both fold.

Turns out HJ had QQ. CO had KJ. BTN had JJ. Flop was small rags that I could have checked and called HJ's bet with his big overpair.

Hand 3: QTo HJ 8 handed
Situation: Up against OMC. Effective stacks $400 (not impactful)

I raise to $15 (standard raise) with QsTh in HJ. Villain calls limp calls from MP1. Preflop pot $29 after drop.

Flop 9s6d4d. Villain checks. I check.

Analysis: I elect to delay cbet here for any non-Ace over card.

Turn Ks. Villain checks. I bet $20. Villain calls. Pot $69.

Analysis: Most likely villain range is a FD. I'm not sure that I have much showdown value here, so I will need to bet almost all non-diamond rivers.

River 3h. Villain checks. I bet $40. Villain folds.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Bicycle Casino, Sunday 08.06.2017

Session notes: Went over three hours before winning my first hand. Table was less than optimal. Took a small loss.

Session stats: 2/3NL, $400 buy in

Start time: 5:32PM       End time: 10:32PM

Profit/(loss): ($35)


Tracked my first hour of hands to look at opening ranges:

ATss co cl utg r12 f ah fl to UTG cbet (I was right - UTG AK)
Tc9c fl
92o fl
jh9h u fl
t2o bb f
32o an f
q9o b fl
ahqh co r15 f 995dcd co co b20 cl cl done with hand
83o f
Kqo l
k5o f
83s f
q9s f
22 bb cl hj 10 fold flop
j8o sb f
t2 o f
56o co f 7 handed
j4o f 8 handed
ato f
99 u cl 15r from m1 f flop
22 bb in r12 cl cks to r cl $10 BET on 4995T 2nd in has qto
j7o b f
kto f
k9o f
f 97o bb
j9ss cl str f when she moves so
k5o b f

27 total hands. 6 played. VPIP around 22. Also took a break toward the end of the hour.

Bicycle Casino, Saturday, 08.05.2017

Session notes: So I had to take a walk during this session. See notes below.

Session stats: 2/3NL, $600 buy in

Start time: 9:10PM         End time: 10:02PM

Profit/(loss): ($417)

Start time: 10:17PM       End time: 1:51AM

Profit/(loss): $15

Total profit/(loss): ($402)


Had this happen in the space of one orbit during the firt session. I took a break and had a walk before tiliting off the rest of my stash:

Game is 2/3NL, $300 cap. Effective stacks $300. About 10PM Saturday night. Table itself is playing pretty loose and wild with lots of chips flying around. I'm using an OMC image, not straddling, not aggreeing to $20 antes (my excuse is "unless everyone buys in full stack").

UTG is a really bad player that I have some history with. I also know who taught him to play (not me). He is basically a "raise the top 5% of his range", player who tries to protect his equity instead of betting for value. I played against him on a LATB episode and I think he had a VPIP of 5. 

UTG+1 is a youngish player who has been playing pretty tight for the 30 minutes he has been at the table. Has not gotten out of line and hasn't yet gotten to showdown.

UTG raises to $25. I put him on a range of QQ+, AJ+ (I know - a little looser than top 5% - his teacher would be disappointed in him). UTG+1 three bets to $85. Range would be TT+, AK, maybe AQ (let's say AQs). Hero is BTN and looks down to KsKd. I'm thinking that the two villains are holding blockers to each other's outs. Sure, the three better *could have* AA, but there's a lot of other stuff in his range that I beat.

What's your move? I decided to move all in (I'm basically not folding post flop). And of course UTG+1 has AA.

Two hands later, I raise to $15 in HJ with TT. CO and BTN call. BTN is a big fish, calling down light, getting lucky hitting rivers, etc.

Flop is King little little. I  cbet $20. HJ and BTN both call. At this point, I'm pretty much done with the hand. Turn is a brick, I check, CO bets about $30, BTN calls and I fold. River is another brick. CO bets $50, BTN calls. CO shows JJ for the win. Yeah. Now I run TT into JJ.

Then, a few hands later (still the same orbit) I'm BB with QhTh in a straddled pot. Villain is the same player who was BTN in the hand above (would now be MP1). Villain raises pre to $15. (This doesn;t mean a whole lot except he has two suited cards). Three callers when it gets to me. I decide to call (QhTh). The straddler calls. So we're 5 to the flop. 

Flop is King high and checks around. Turn is a Tc and brings in a backdoor club draw. I bet $30 (into a $70 pot). Villain calls, others fold. River is a blank. I decide to fire again because I know that villain is calling with all Tens, plus all of his Ace highs if I size properly. So I bet $35. Villain calls. Sure enough he has Ace high. Unfortunately it's with a Ten.

After that, I had to get up and take a walk.