Sunday, June 17, 2018

Pala, Saturday 06.02.2018

Session notes: Took advantage of a high hand day to book a reasonable profit.

Session stats: 1/3NL, $300 buy in

Start time: 6:54AM        End time: 12:28AM

Profit/(loss): $266

Interesting hands: Here are a few interesting hands from this session:

Hand 1: AsJc BTN
Limped 6 ways. I overlimp. Pot $21 less drop = $15.
Flop J53. Checks to me, I bet $15. CO calls. Pot $45.
Turn 9. CO leads for $10. I call. Pot $65.
River 9. Checks through and I'm good.
Analysis: Possibly should be raising the turn here? I didn't recognize the turn bet as a blocker.....

Hand 2: TT UTG, BTN straddle
TT UTG. I elected to limp and will call off any reasonable raise. Instead, the hand limps through 5 ways. Preflop pot $15 less drop = $10.
Flop TsJc5c. I lead for $15. MP1 and HJ call. Pot $55.
Turn Ac. I lead again for $25. MP1 moves all in for $146. HJ calls off all in for $73. I call. Pot $420
River Jc I’m good.
Analysis: I'm getting slightly less than what I need in direct odds to call, but I decide to gamble it up a bit.

Hand 3: KK BTN
Field better open raises all in for $42. I reraise KK on BTN to $100. Hand goes heads up. Pot $84 ;ess drop = $79.
Flop Ac6c3d
Turn 8c
River 9x. Villain has 88 for turned set.

Hand 4: QdJd MP1
I raise QdJd in MP1 to $13 over an UTG limper. Blinds and limpers call. Preflop pot $52 less drop = $46.
Flop KKK. Checks to limper who moves all in. I fold. UTG has 88.

Hand 5: AhKh UTG
I raise to $12 from UTG with AhKh. Pick up 3 callers. Preflop pot $52 less drop = $47.
Flop Jd5c6h. Checks to BTN who moves all in on a short stack. I fold.

Hand 6: 98o SB
I call 98o In SB.
Flop Js8s7d. CO bets $13. I call, one other field caller. Pot $45.
Turn Td. I check. Hand checks around.
River 9x. I lead for $25. BTN calls. I'm good.

Hand 7: KcJc HJ BTN straddle
I call in HJ with KcJc. Hand goes 4 ways. Preflop pot $24 less drop = $18.
Flop Jh. Checks to me. I bet $25. All fold.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Bike, Sunday 05.13.2018

Session notes: Another downer session. At one point I start thinking that bad luck is the reasons I'm haveing losing sessions, but for this session - look at the VPIP!

Session stats: 2/3NL, $500 buy in

Start time: 5:51PM         End time: 11:00PM

Profit/(loss): ($368)

Interesting hands: 5 hours, 53 hands played. Approximate VPIP: 35.

Hand 1:
44HJ. Call 15 pre. Fold missed flop

Hand 2:
Q2o BB fold

Hand 3:
76o SB fold pre when MP1 raises $22

Hand 4:
44 BB. Two limps. I raise $15. Both call. Check fold missed flop

Hand 5:
QTo SB. Fold pre when HJ raise to $23 with $30 behind.

Hand 6:
J7o BB fold

Hand 7:
9c7c SB. Fold.

Hand 8:
UTG raise to $18. I call JJ MP1.
Flop 775r. UTG bets $25. I call.
Turn Ks. UTG bets $65. I fold.
Rebuy 200

Hand 9:
J6o bb fold

Hand 10:
J4o sb f

Hand 11:
JJ BTN. I call MP2 raise to $10.
Flop 753. MP2 bets $25. I raise to $80. He moves AI for $5 more.
Turn Td
River Jh. Villain shows T7s.

Hand 12:
95o bb f

Hand 13:
84o sb f

End hour 1. 13 hands placed. VPIP: 43

Hand 14:
94o bb f

Hand 15:
34o sb f

Hand 16:
QQ HJ straddled pot. Two limps, I raise $40. BB calls.
F J9J BB moves all in. I fold.

Hand 17:
T8o bb fold

Hand 18:
jh2h sb fold

Hand 19:
66 bb fold when sb r18

Hand 20:
Jc8c sb fold when UTG raises to $15

Hand 21:
93o bb ck f

Hand 22:
k9o sb f

Hand 23:
AJo HJ raise to $15. BB cls
Flop Qs3c7s. Check. CO bets $25. All fold.

Hand 24:
T5o bb f

Hand 25:
Jc8c sb f

End hour 2. 12 hands played. VPIP: 40

Hand 26:
8s7s cl $10 in CO. Fold missed flop

Hand 27:
Q4o bb f

Hand 28:
J9o sb f

Hand 29:
J7o bb fold

Hand 30:
KhTh sb fold to a CO r 18

End hour 3. 5 hand played. VPIP: 17

Hand 31:
Q4o bb f

Hand 32:
J4o sb f

Hand 33:
KsJs UTG1 raise to $15. Two calls and ck fold an missed flop.

Hand 34:
AcQc BB fold pre to BTN raise to $30 and SB call.

Hand 35:
KTo BTN. Limp then fold missed flop.

Hand 36:
A4o BB fold to a CO raise

Hand 37:
55 UTG1 call straddle, but fold when BB squeeze to $40

Hand 38:
84o f bb

Hand 39:
Ac4c sb fold to a HJ raise to $16

Hand 40:
Ac9c BTN limp. Call $10 Turn. Fold river.

Hand 41:
33 CO. Call $14 pre. Fold whiffed flop.

Hand 42:
92o bb f

Hand 43:
K4o  sb f

Hand 44:
As2s BTN. Raise to $12. SB, UTG1 call.
Flop QcQd5s. Checks to me I bet $20. Both fold.

End hour 4. 13 hands played. VPIP: 43

Hand 45:
66 UTG l fold

Hand 46:
J4o bb f

Hand 47:
T3o sb f

Hand 48:
QcTc BTN. I raise $12. BB calls.
Flop 976. Checks.
Turn T. Brings in a BD diamond draw. CO checks. I bet $15. CO calls.
River Ks ck ck and I’m good

Hand 49:
75o bb fold

Hand 50:
Q4o  sb f

Hand 51:
74o bb ck f

Hand 52:
T9o sb f

Hand 53:
AQ CO limped multiway. I raise to $15. 4 callers.
Flop A23r checks to me. I bet $50 Folds back around to MP who CRs to $120.
I fold.

End hour 5 and session. Hands played 5. VPIP: 17

Bike, Saturday 05.12.2018

Session notes: Made some horrific plays in this session. See hand log below.

Session stats: 2/3NL, $300 buy in

Start time: 9:43PM         End time: 2:07AM

Profit/(loss): ($100)

Interesting hands:

Hand log for this session. Play time is 4 hours, 15 minutes. 38 total hands played. Assuming 30 hands per hour, VPIP = 38/(4.25*30) = .298

Hand 1:
3rd orbit
Complete T8o in SB
Flop qs9s7. Checks around. Turn J ck ck b20 I fold.

Hand 2:
66 HJ I limp pre. Fold missed flop.

Hand 3:
65o SB. HJ raises to $6, fold preflop.

Hand 4:
A3dd BTN. Limpedl 4 ways.
Flop Ah7d2d. Checks to me. I bet $10. All fold.

Hand 5:
Ad7d MP2 limped.
Flop Qd7s3c. Checks.
Turn 2c. Cks to me. I bet $10. All fold

Hand 6:
J9o BB ck. Ck fold missed board.

Hand 7:
84o SB fold

Hand 8:
AdKd MP1.  Raise $15 over limper. Limper calls.
Flop 7c2d4c. CO bets $11. I fold.

Hand 9:
JJ BB. BTN raise $15. SB calls. I overcall. Two limpers call.
Flop AdQh7d. Checks to BTN who bets $50. I fold.

Hand 10:
A8o SB fold

Hand 11:
J8o BB. Fold pre to a raise.

Hand 12:
Jh4h BB ck. End up with a wheel for a $5 pot.

Hand 13:
6d4d CO limped. Fold missed flop.

Hand 14:
22 MP1 raise to $10. BTN cl, SB 3bets to $60. I fold

Hand 15:
J2o bb fold pre

Hand 16:
JJ BTN, raise $15. Pick up blinds

Hand 17:
T9o BB ck. Flop 979 I lead for $10 all fold. Pot $5

Hand 18:
As2s MP2. I raise to $10 and pick up 4 callers. Ck fold whiffed board

Hand 19:
J6o BB. Fold pre to min raise

Hand 20:
J7o SB fold.

Hand 21:
33 BTN limp.  Fold missed flop

Hand 22:
95o BB ck. Fold missed flop

Hand 23:
QTo SB chop

Hand 24:
AJo MP1. I raise $15. HJ, UTG limp call.
Flop Jd7s4d. Checks to me. I bet $15 HJ calls.
Turn 2c. Checks to be I bet $25. HJ calls.
River Ks. Checks. I’m good.

Hand 25:
K9o BB. Fold to hj raise

Hand 26:
Q4o SB fold pre

Hand 27:
99 HJ. Raise $11. BB squeezes to $45. I fold.

Hand 28:
KhKd BB against some limps. I raise to $25. BTN calls.

Flop KcTc7c checks.
Turn 3s. I bet $45. Villain calls.
River 5c. Checks. He has Td8c

Hand 29:
73o BB fold pre

Hand 30:
J7o SB fold pre

Hand 31:
7h6h CO. I raise $15. UTG limp calls.
Flop JdTd3h. Checks.
Turn 6c. Checks to me. I bet $15 UTG folds.

Hand 32:
9h8h UTG limped around.
Flop Ah6hAc cks
Turn 3h I lead 15. UTG1 calls. BTN min raises to $30. I call.  UTG1 calls
River 3d. I check. UTG1 bets $65. BTN folds. I fold.

Hand 33:
74o BB ck fold

Hand 34:
Q3o SB fold

Hand 35:
QTo BTN. Limps, I raise $15. BB and CO call.
Flop KhJd9h. Checks to me. I bet $25. All fold.

Hand 36:
A2o BB. Fold to a big MP1 raise.

Hand 37:
5h4h sb cl. Fold missed flop.

Hand 38:

Ah7h UTG limped. Fold missed flop.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Bicycle Casino, Saturday 04.28.2018

Session notes: Quick session at the Bike after dropping my mom and dad off from the outing to San Manuel. Nothing of note in this session - pretty much card dead.

Session stats 2/3 NL, $300 buy in

Start time: 10:28PM        End time: 1:00AM

Protif/(loss): ($49)

San Manuel, Saturday 04.28.2018

Session notes: Took parents to San Manuel and checked out the poker room. Played a really short session due to drop.

Turns out that if the pot is larger than $15, the full drop is taken ($5+$1). So in 1 hand, there are three limps in front of me. I raise QQ on BTN to $30, Every one folds. I pick up $9. I was shocked that they remove the full drop! After I got clarification, it was pretty obvious that there's no way that this game could be profitable.

Session stats: 1/3NL, $300 buy in

Start time: 3:15PM        End time: 4:17PM

Profit/(loss): $85